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“What a binding experience!”

“You are the quintessential antithesis of “take the money and run” and I continue to be indebted to you for all the efforts you have given us. I am not too proud to admit that perhaps I am the slow cog in the wheel when it comes to income production but that’s changing fast!”

- Vin McMahon O.D., Eyeworks

How To Engage With eYefacilitate


On-Site Workshop Retreat

A 5-hour retreat resulting in a clear understanding of how to communicate a stellar patient/consumer experience and added profit.

Phone Coaching

Consult with Mark and his eYeFacilitate team to determine your opportunities and expected outcome.

Audio On The Run

The words you and your team members ‘choose’ to say will add profit or diminish profit. You get one shot until next time, if there is a next time. Make yours count!

Video Workshops

Pre-recorded workshops are a self-guided way to develop patient communication with your team and add profit from your optical.

Endorsed by Happy Clients…



I have to thank you so very much, Mark! What a fountain of refreshing information you are, in a user friendly fashion. I feel re-vitalized… after our first meeting I had sooooo much energy, so very empowering that I’m having Crystal work with you too. Thank you so much!

- Grace, Optician, Wolf Eye Associates

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Who the Heck is Mark Hinton and eYeFacilitate?

Team-Focused, Board Certified Educator

Created and Developed a Successful Practice

Mark Hinton, Chief Executive Officer and President of eYeFacilitate is a graduate with honors and a degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing & Engineering Technology from Hillsborough College located in Tampa, Florida.

Mark developed a very successful independent primary eye health practice with optical retail alone exceeding incredible annual sales of 1.4 million dollars by 1997; uncommon and ahead of all benchmarks for that time.

Mark is a COPE certified and American Board of Opticianry certified educator. Mark has guest lectured for the AOA, British Columbia Opticians Association, IDOC, the Banzai Consortium, PRIMA and SECO International; Mark is a contributing writer for Review of Optometric Business, 20/20, and Optometric Management.

Mark is a graduate of Sandler Professional Sales Training, Carew International Sales Development, and Selling by Design!

Mark is a partner in an optometric private practice. With his team, he develops, mentors, and coaches practitioners and opticians based on real-time, real-life issues and circumstances which face the typical business practice, daily.

Mark Hinton
Mark Hinton


Great leaders engage, inspire, mentor, coach and then get out of the way! Mark and his eYeFacilitate team are highly regarded within the profession as passionate about the eye health industry, and have been acknowledged as the preeminent team in developing and coaching effective communication, leading to positive results and profit…. but Mark would say the eYeFacilitate team remains humble and without ego.

Mark says “The typical eye health business practice has significant practice management issues that plague the business practice daily and most of it stems from misconception and misunderstanding of product knowledge and poor communication with patients.” We simply LOVE what we do and the incredible results we’ve achieved with practices just like yours, time-and-again!”

Mark and the eYeFacilitate team engage your team in a non-threatening and fun way to encourage team interaction and a “can do,” “want to” attitude about learning, while adding profit to your business practice.

Begin The Process

Start with an On-Site Workshop
or a 5-Hour Video Workshop

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Any of these ring a bell?

“You get up to $120 dollars off your frame, but if you go over it, you get 20% off!”

“Our patients don’t want to spend that much!”

“After your ‘insurance allowances’ your outta pocket is $XXX! Cash, check or charge?”

“No, you’ll need sunglasses because the Transitions won’t change behind the windshield!”

“Were you thinking of looking at sunglasses today?

“The Digital lenses have a wider corridor and less distortion!” “

The Bottom Line:

These words and others, combined with these un-evolved scripts
are worthless and will continue to KILL your profits…
one patient at a time!

Get started at your own pace…

Gain the very best experience for your patient and team, while adding significant profit
to continue building your business practice.

You choose, as your colleagues have before you, how you’d like to begin to maximize business profits; whether it’s reserving and scheduling the On-site eYeFacilitate Retreat Experience, completely facilitated by Mark and his team and including all communication, dialog, and strategies, including 8 weekly fully facilitated specific and attainable goals to achieve the results you may expect; or choose from Audio and Companion Scripts to develop with your team, personally; or perhaps you’d like the Video Workshop; or any combination?

The Bottom Line: You’ve got choices. eYeFacilitate is available to consult
and guide you for your best choice.

Got questions you need clarified for a clear and mutual understanding?

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Gailmard Office Team
On-Site Workshop with Dr. Gailmard’s Office Team

Services For You:

On-Site eYeFacilitate Workshop Retreat:
Facilitation and Implementation

Mark facilitates and guides your team effortlessly in this 5-hour retreat, resulting in a clear understanding of how to communicate a stellar patient/consumer experience. Your team will implement and execute a specific 8 week plan following the on-site workshop in order to achieve the desired goal and outcome.

All of this is designed for you and your team and facilitated for your advantage.

Simple, Easy, Convenient!


  • Provides a questionnaire in advance to determine individual knowledge; thereby customizing the experience for your team and business advantage.
  • Inspires individual engagement and interaction during the onsite which adds the element of individual ‘ownership’ from your team members.
  • Preps your team in advance of on-site workshop for a “Ready to learn” onsite outcome.
  • Will guide your team effortlessly, while helping your team develop their dialog in “their own voice”.
  • Will provide a solid understanding of how to execute the 8 week “Playbook” plan following the onsite, in order to gain consistency and sustainability.

The Bottom Line: Other eYeFacilitate clients average $100 and more added revenue per patient…
Imagine that!


“Alright, I need to get Mark on site soon! How does this work?

Phone Coaching

Mark is available for team and individual coaching as you may wish. Consult with Mark and his eYeFacilitate team to determine your opportunities and expected outcome. Your colleagues have found phone coaching to be a helpful mentoring reinforcement following on-site or video workshops.

The Bottom Line: Phone coaching provides you feedback from the coach to determine your optical associate ability to deliver on expectations.


Online Video Workshops

These video workshops are pre-recorded and match the On-Site format, but without your team interaction with Mark and his eYeFacilitate team. Many of your colleagues agree that the pre-recorded video workshops deliver excellent results, but appreciate the level of passion, knowledge, and expertise Mark and the eYeFacilitate team bring with them to the office. While on-site, we listen and tune in for opportunities beyond the scope of your expectations and provide you a fresh perspective, easily overlooked when you live in your daily office routines.

Expect extraordinary results when you follow through each week with your team’s Playbook Plan and practice, and refine. It works! Each video is roughly 90 minutes. You will start and stop at the designated points on the video to use the provided companion scripts as an outline for your optical team to develop their own personal script and dialog. Plan and reserve 4 hours in uninterrupted retreat as your optical team engages, writes, and then practices with a fellow teammate before moving forward and starting the next segment.

The Bottom Line: You have choice how you would like to develop extraordinary communication leading to a stellar patient experience and added profit.

  • The video starts at the beginning of the patient optical encounter and works through to the end of the encounter, including how to manage sticker shock and buyer’s remorse efficiently and effectively, while adding significant profit.
  • Use the video version to reinforce after you train or use it to develop best habits with existing and new personnel.
  • Many of your colleagues love the video for reinforcement AFTER an eYeFacilitate On-Site Experience.
  • Use it to evaluate competency.
  • The Video provides a distinct differentiating advantage for your personal business use and competitive advantage.

The Bottom Line:
Customize your experience and combine with the eYeFacilitate On-Site Experience,
for optimized impact results and added profit!

Click Here To Have Your Additional Questions Answered
and then reserve and schedule with eYeFacilitate


Audio On The Run

People learn differently and the eYeFacilitate Audio Companion is raved about by those high achievers who are auditory learners.

  • Audio is companion to On-Site and Video implementation; or you may order separately.
  • Some people learn best buy listening in conjunction with or instead of reading.
  • Excellent learning and reinforcement when travelling or driving to work.
  • Load to iPhone or iPod or other listening devices and learn and refine on-the-go.
  • Great tool for your weekly optical team meeting to discuss, learn, develop and refine.

The Bottom Line:
They work! The words you and your team members ‘choose’
to communicate value to your patients will either diminish or add profit.
The audio teaches the words necessary to communicate value
for your patients’ understanding, adding profit to your bottom line!

Endorsed by Happy Clients…


One thing I’ve made part of my routine is getting familiar with someone’s preferred name which makes conversations run a lot smoother.

Such words as “attractive” and “thinner, more comfortable” bring huge smiles to their faces. I have also found that sharing stories of how “other patients have loved their sight with the lenses that Dr. S “prescribed” have tremendously helped close the sale.

I no longer need to come across as that pushy sales lady. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to teach us these marvelous pointers. They’ve made a huge difference. Patients leave happier and more excited for their new eye wear.

- V. Ramirez

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Talk to us to learn how eYeFacilitate will get the most out of your team!

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How An On-Site Workshop Retreat Works

Before the Workshop:

First, we agree and reserve a date for on-site work together.

You designate a team lead to be accountable in connecting with and coordinating with me,
for your practice advantage.

I email a short-survey questionnaire for Doctors and Opticians to answer and fax back within a week.

Next I prep your team in advance of the onsite date. I send confidential proprietary material and audio.
This is NOT overwhelming. This begins about 4 weeks before I arrive in your office,
so your team is engaged when I’m on site!

Day 1:

Once on site, we use 5 hours without interruptions, on the morning or afternoon of my arrival;
either see patients before… or see patients after our 5 hour retreat with your team.
We will use all 5 hours, start to finish.

(Retreat with Doctor/Optical team after patient care in the afternoon is preferable but not absolute)

I’ll sit in as a “Doctor assistant” {patient perception} in a few comprehensive exams to determine opportunities for capture/conversion.

I will bring my projector and will need a small table and electric outlet within 8 feet of my projector to project slides on your screen or on your light-colored wall and ability to dim lighting above the projection.

Day 2:

We’ll take 2 hours without interruption to review, question, and script.

(See patients in the AM and then use a 2 hour working lunch and then resume seeing patients after lunch.)

After the On-Site:

While on-site your optical team will understand the 8-week optical follow-through “Playbook Plan”
to ensure new habits become the new old habit.

ALL opticians will use a Quick Reference Guide Playbook and email their encounter-results each week
over the 8 weeks following the on-site, with a specific example and brief summary of the result
for that specific weekly focus and self-grade their ability.

They will know in advance what they will focus and refine before the next weekly email.

I will praise and edit their individual email-of-the-week, to refine for their optimum best results.

After week 8 they will submit a thorough summary of their learning and include an action plan to illustrate how they will continue to refine, repeat, and refine further the Playbook Plan moving forward.

A snapshot of what you may expect from your optical team after onsite development…

  • Capture AND convert more patients to more top-tier products and add profit.
  • Connect with patients using proven applied social science and gain consistent trust and advocacy.
  • Simplified patient price conversation leading to reducing risk of sticker shock.
  • Maximize vision plan profit by positioning and changing dialog.
  • More patients will buy Transitions and sunglass sales will increase, too!
  • Doctors will have non-sales-oriented bullet points to help the patient buy prescribed optical products.
  • Decrease patients using their own frames again… More patients will buy new frames.
  • High Index and top tier lenses will increase, while significantly reducing time wasted by attempting useless or outdated sales techniques.
  • Your team will be more efficient and effective, while reducing time in optical as they understand how to ‘take-charge’ of frame selection, too.
  • While onsite, I’ll identify other opportunities for your unique advantage!

I’m proud to say I have never left a client feeling our work together wasn’t absolutely worth the time, energy, and dollars invested, and I want the same for you, too. Practices that take my work and coaching seriously will capture and convert more optical patients and gain, on average, $100 or more added revenue per patient.

I’ll meet with you by phone or by email, as you may wish. I’ll address your additional questions! Client reference upon request. Check out Mark Hinton archives at www.reviewofoptometricbusiness.com and then we’ll reserve 2 best days for your benefit.

Contact Mark today to discuss your personal need
and to establish fee for service:

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From my happy clients…

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Email: mark@eyefacilitate.com
Phone: 828-215-5510

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